Colours of an Auric Field

Colours of an Auric Field
Mystical Journey

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What is the study of Metaphysics?

A branch of philosophy with the first principals of things including such concepts as being, substance, space, time and identity.

When we go through difficult chapters in our life we can feel like we have lost part of self or part of our identity. Sometimes we have to empty out completely before we can renew. To rediscover our own being.

Being: existance, constitution, nature, essence, anything that exists.

The art of being, totally existing, a being, energy in it's totality, the total form of light force energy. Being in the pure essence of the self, being at one with the consciousness of the universe. Sharing the oneness with other living beings, planets, plants animals, mother earth and the elements. Being present through your higher self, where the mental and spiritual planes meet through your highest of desires to seek your total truth from your own source within.

If all else fails take a deep breath and breathe!

Your yin,yang,chi,masculine and feminine aspect of self are totally connected.
Your chakras of which there are many, are the cores that collect the intuitive you and vibrate the feelings of the sound in you.
The inside cores of your chakras (chakra sanskrit meaning spinning wheel,chakras have evolved from Somatic times) they are never still and as you breath in the elements of life you move and so do the resonating molecules of these cores, interecating with the vibration of sound of many planets and beings.

You swing on your axis,they swing on theirs and you connect in the milliseconds of time. It is possible to go forward or back in time by reading the Aura, to see each and every life you have had and how you have evolved from your first incarnation.
Reading the Aura is like reading the street directory to the lives you have chosen.

Every chakra resonates a colour,is a musical note and connected to a planet, so we are universally connected.


The Base chakra colour is red/pink the scale of G and connects to Mars.
The Sacral colour chakra is orange/gold the scale E and connects to Jupiter.
The Solar Plexus eminates rays of gold, scales of EF and G and connects to Saturn.
The Heart chakra is mauve the scales A to E and connects to Venus..
The Throat chakra is sea green resonates the scale of higher C and connetcs to Pluto.
The Crown chakra is sky blue resonates to D and is connected to Uranus.
The Third Eye is indigio- violet resonates to the scales of B and E and connects to Mercury.

Throughout our life we are drawn to different kinds of music, music that resonates with ourself our sound our inner vibration.

This is how Vibrational Healing connects to us on a soul level, centres and compliments our well being.
Later on we will discuss the different types of "Vibrational Healing" available.

Watch this space for your vibrational food chart.
What makes us feel good spiritually.

Can you feel the vibes?

Rapid reciprocating motion to and from up and down. Particles of elastic body produced by disturbance of it's own equilibrium.
Can You feel the the vibes, Yes you have your own vibration/universal sound.
It comes from the energy waves within your Aura.The bites the speed of light, make the frequency "the sound" of your own momentum.

Spiritual Dialect

Spirit loves to blog, so we bring you their vocab and the meaning of those metaphysical words and phrases that you may encounter along your journey.
Enjoy, envelope with wisdom, laughter and love.